Gel Polish Vs Normal Polish

Hey beautiful ladies,

The question of the week is 'Why are people still wearing old skool nail varnish?" What are the benefits of it chipping in 2 days waiting for it to dry for the 30mins ect ect. It's amazing how the beauty industry has changed over time. Hundreds of brands offer a product that gives you a perfect polished manicure within 20mins without thinking about messing it up and being carefree for the next 2-3 weeks. But still there is a small percent of manicure women that refuse to cross the road to gel polish lane. "Women of 10 years ago, it's safe on this side of the street this is a no smudge zone!"

Why are my Nails dry when i remove the gel polish?

During the time of wearing the product the nail bed isn't expose of daily oils you may come in contact with, especially if you don't moisturise your body daily this is the best my for your nails to get hydration. Also how are you removing the gel layer from your nails, peeling is the best way to destroy and make the plate thinner and weaker. If you can't help yourself (I must say it's so satisfying watching it peel off the nail plate but so wrong in so many ways) either apply oil in abundance or just get another gel manicure asking the therapy to apply two base coats as you need all the extra help as the gel may chip due to nails being very thin and bendy.

Watching paint dry......

This is the most painful part of having a weekly manicure, sitting in the salon watching the world past you by. The only plus point of having a classic mani is polish is very easy to remove at home, no need to visit your manicurist. If your on a low budget it can work out so much cheaper, to have a few polish services none to save the pennies.

I've got love for both polish and gel, depending on your nail journey would determine which product to use. If you love changing your polish twice a week wear nail varnish. If your that busy bee life style lady wear gel polish for convenience that will keep you perfect for 2-3 weeks.


London, UK

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